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advaya's Journal

22 January 1986
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Mountain Mama, Rainbow Sister.

I live in the mountains of western Virginia where I keep a small homestead. I garden a lot (as well as working in a greenhouse) and I attend school part time.

I think my interests sum me up fairly well.
americana, amethysts, backpacking, barefeet, beaches, beauty, bob dylan, bonfires, bruce springsteen, cafés, camping, chai, communes, compost, connections, crystals, dandelion flowers, dandelion greens, dreads, dreaming, drumming, eastern religions, environmental studies, erotica, europe, faeries, fellini, feminism, festivals, fields, fire, fireflies, flowers, folk music, foreign films, france, free love, friends, fruit, gardening, garnets, ghosts, gordon lightfoot, hallucinogens, heirloom seeds, herbs, hiking, hippies, homesteading, hooping, houseplants, incense, india, intentional communities, jazz, joan baez, joni mitchell, juicing, lakes, lavender, leonard cohen, letters, living freely, local food, love, ludwig van beethoven, massage, midwifery, mint, mountains, natural parenting, naturism, new orleans, nudity, old graveyards, open windows, painting, pansexuality, patchouli, permaculture, pete seeger, philosophy, photography, plant walks, poetry, poi, polyamory, pomegranates, ponds, primitive camping, quartz, rainbow family, rainbow gatherings, rainy days, rainy nights, raw food, reading, rivers, road trips, sage, sanskrit, seed saving, sensuality, sex, silent film, skinny dipping, sleeping outside, slow food, solitude, south america, spoken word, spontaneous living, springs, square foot gardening, star-gazing, stealing beauty, storms, streams, summer nights, swimming holes, synth pop, tarot, tea, the 1960s, the band, the beatles, the forest, the mediterranean, the moon, the ocean, the rolling stones, the sacred, the sun, the who, thunderstorms, thyme, tofu, tom waits, traveling, turtles, twin oaks womyn's gathering, vegan, vegetarian, violin, wild edibles, wildflowers, wine, writing, yoga, zen